Love is No Laughing Matter - Ch 1

((AN: This is a very old piece of writing of mine, but I really want to continue the story. So I’m putting it here in hopes it will motivate me to continue.
Basic plot: Follows Harleen’s transformation into Harley Quinn, and her descent into madness and intense obsession/love for the Joker))

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Untitled - Chapter ??

((AN: This is near the beginning of an Uncharted Fan Fiction I’m writing. The chapter is still unfinished, and I’m not sure of its placement in the story chapter wise. Hell, I’m not even sure what the story IS, aside from ChloexNate. Maybe their first adventure together? We’ll see))

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One shot - He missed her

(AN: I’ve been debating with myself on the ending of this one. I have another, longer ending. But I can’t decide which sounds best. I may post it later. This sounds very repetitive and sort of… bland to me. But it has been ages since I’ve written, and this just sprung to mind.)

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